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Udaipur Uncovered: Exploring the Allure of the Latest Celebrity Wedding Hotspot


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When it comes to breathtaking wedding destinations, Udaipur has emerged as the latest hotspot for celebrities and couples seeking an unforgettable and enchanting setting. This beautiful Indian city in the state of 'Royal' Rajasthan seamlessly combines a rich cultural heritage with breathtaking natural beauty! As per the recent reports of the Conde Nast Traveller (India), this ‘city of lakes’ has been constantly ranked among the top wedding destinations in the world. 

Read along as tourHQ delves into the best venues that make Udaipur the perfect choice for couples looking to tie the knot in style. From exotic forts and palaces to amazing experiences to make the most of your wedding weekend, we have the best recommendations covered!

The City Palace

City Palace

For wedding purposes, it has many venue options. For instance, the stunning Manek Chowk (once a bustling marketplace), with its vast courtyard and stunning views of Lake Pichola, provides a picturesque setting for outdoor weddings. The Durbar Hall (originally served as the royal court), adorned with crystal chandeliers and mirror work, offers a regal indoor venue for grand celebrations. The terraces and gardens within the palace complex also provide enchanting spaces for pre-wedding functions and post-wedding festivities.

Considering you are already in Udaipiur for the wedding, it is also a great time to experience the city’s beauty. To make it stress-free, you can even hire a local guide who can figure out the logistics. 

Boat ride on Lake Pichola

Things to do for a good wedding weekend: 

You can begin by exploring the various sections of the palace, like the Amar Vilas (a private terrace built for the leisure time of the royal family), Badi Mahal (a place built for the royal family's summer breaks), and Zenana Mahal (residence for the royal women) as the guide regales you with historical tales. Later you can visit the Jagdish Temple (a must-visit holy complex in the city) and stroll through the local market near the temple before ending the day with a sunset ride on Lake Pichola.

The Lake Palace

Lake Palace

Also known as the Taj Lake Palace, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Pichola, Lake Palace was built by Maharana Jagat Singh II of the Mewar dynasty in 1746. The palace was constructed as a summer retreat and pleasure palace for himself and his royal entourage. Today, this floating palace is renowned for its exquisite beauty and has become a sought-after venue for fairytale weddings. Its white marble facade, beautifully landscaped gardens, luxurious suites, elegant halls, and terraces provide an idyllic setting for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other celebrations. The palace is bathed in golden hues during sunset, creating a magical atmosphere. 

Pro-tip: To visit the Lake Palace, you typically need to book a reservation at the hotel or participate in a guided tour

Rajasthan's Folk Dance

Things to do for a good wedding weekend: 

The Taj Lake Palace is itself a great place to spend a day enjoying various group activities, like tracing the heritage halls, indulging in a spa day, and a boat ride on Lake Pichola. However, if you plan to step out, then visiting the Bagore ki Haveli (a historical mansion now converted into a museum showcasing the heritage of Rajasthan) is a great option! You can witness the traditional Rajasthani folk music and dance performance and end the day with a traditional Rajasthani thali at one of the city's renowned restaurants.

The Fateh Garh Palace 


Primarily popular for its fusion of Rajasthani architecture with modern amenities, the Fateh Garh Palace is another go-to destination for couples. Its sprawling courtyards, terraces, and gardens offer picturesque backdrops for wedding ceremonies and receptions, while the regal interiors provide a sense of luxury and sophistication. Moreover, because of its location atop a hill, the palace makes an ideal choice for couples looking for the perfect sunset wedding pictures! Interestingly, the palace also hosts cultural performances, allowing tourists to witness traditional music and dance forms of Rajasthan. 

A shopkeeper selling bangles

Things to do for a good wedding weekend: 

Suppose the wedding shenanigans can manage to take a day out. In that case, the best experiences to have with a local guide  near the palace are a visit to Saheliyon-ki-Bari (built in the 18th century, it served as a garden retreat for the women of the royal household), exploring the Hathi Pol Bazaar (where you can shop for traditional handicrafts, textiles, and jewellery), and immersing in the authentic culture of Rajasthan at Shilpgram (a rural arts and crafts complex built to showcase the Rajasthan heritage).

Jagmandir Island Palace

Jagmandir Palace

Jagmandir Palace, situated on an island in Lake Pichola, is a stunning palace that has become synonymous with luxury, beauty, and exclusivity. With its ethereal location and architectural splendour, it has become another attractive site for wedding couples worldwide. Constructed by Maharana Karan Singh II of the Mewar dynasty in the 17th century, the palace was built as a summer resort and pleasure palace for the royal family. Inside are intricate carvings, exquisite artwork, and manicured gardens with fountains and marble pavilions offering breathtaking views. 


Things to do for a good wedding weekend: 

Take a guided heritage walk through the old city of Udaipur, discovering narrow streets and ancient buildings, where you can indulge in typical Rajasthani cuisine at a local restaurant and witness the authentic culture. Some of the must-have offbeat experiences nearby are exploring the Ahar Cenotaphs (a royal cremation ground showcasing intricate cenotaphs and memorials of the Mewar rulers), hiking up to the Neemach Mata Temple (one of the best spots to witness the panoramic views of Udaipur), and attending an entertaining Rajasthani puppet show. 

Udaipur offers a plethora of enchanting venues for weddings, each with its unique charm and allure. Be it the Taj Palace or the Jag Mandir, you can be assured of having the wedding of a lifetime!  And what better way to enhance the fun group time than hiring a local guide to dwell in the city's culture, tradition and heritage in a smooth and hassle-free way? 

"Truly the Venice of the East, Udaipur is where every corner unravels a story, and every sunset sets the city aglow with ethereal beauty."