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Christmas 2022

24 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas 2022 Near You

Burlington (Vermont)-United States of America

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Here arrives the beautiful festival of Christmas- the festival of jingle bells, lightning, delicious desserts, exchanging gifts and the much-awaited meet-ups and a long holiday week. And while some of you have already made plans to celebrate it with family, some are still thinking of finding the best and most diverse experience for this Christmas. Well, there definitely is a great charm to celebrating Christmas in a different location to experience the vibrancy, love and life of Christmas beyond your geographical boundaries and with new people.

So as the world is gearing up for the preparation of the festival, our tourHQ team has curated a collection of the best places to enhance and diversify your Christmas 2022 experience that too in the most economical way! How? Considering this to be the first Christmas post-COVID and the resultant shortage in flight tickets, we have picked up the best Christmas destinations from all across the world. So, read along and stick till the end to find the nearest place for you. (Also, find tourHQ’s Christmas gift for you!)

“Christmas is a bridge. We need bridges as the river of time flows past. Today's Christmas should mean creating happy hours for tomorrow and reliving those of yesterday.” 

~ Gladys Taber

Celebrating Christmas 2022 in North America

Montreal, Canada 

Every year, a dozen of Christmas markets come up in the city, and some of the famous ones are: Montreal Christmas Village and Jean-Talon Christmas Market, and this year marks the return of the very popular- Great Montreal Christmas Market (November 19th to December 31st, 2022). You will be enchanted by the 30 chalets of local or regional artisans, the musical and theatrical performances or by the sweet smell of mulled wine, among other delicacies!

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Quebec, Canada

Amongst its various markets, the German Christmas Market  (November 24th to December 23rd, 2022) teleports the people of America into the Christmas vibes of Germany. Inspired by German traditions, the German Christmas Market has more than 90 exhibitors having local products and delicacies from Quebec, as well as German and European specialities. 

New York, US

The New York Christmas celebration starts at the Rockefeller Centre. Be it the iconic Christmas tree, ice skating on the Rink, the VIP Lightning experience and the celebrations of the Radio City Music Hall, the Rockefeller Centre is a go-to destination in the US. Moreover, what makes the New York Christmas celebration unique is the mix of ice adventures, like ice skating and skiing in the open squares. Although most of the Christmas markets have specific dates, there are some options welcoming travellers throughout the Christmas season, of which the Bryant Park Winter Village is the best!

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Well, San Juan is one of the cities that have not only week-long Christmas markets but also many Christmas day shows and activities. If you are in or anywhere near San Juan, you can be a part of the upcoming events of the 2022 Jingle & Mingle Holiday Market and Winter Wonderland Craft Show, among others. 

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

For someone looking to have a quiet and simple celebration, this is exactly the place for you. Moreover, in this already vibrant city, December becomes a peak season as it also involves the Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, the Festival of Guadalupe, which celebrates Mexico’s patron saint. 

Celebrating Christmas 2022 in South America

Buenos Aires, Argentina

What is different about Buenos Aires is, unlike other destinations, the city does not have a week-long celebration of Christmas; rather, it has a full-day celebration on the 24th of December. So if you are on a limited travel time, remember to stop by Buenos Aires to celebrate Christmas in the public pubs. 

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Santiago, Chile

What makes the Christmas celebration in Santiago unique is its very popular Christmas cookery workshops conducted across the city. You can wander around the city and do not miss soaking in the Christmas beauty of the Maipo Valley while enjoying the best Chilean wine!

Medellín, Colombia

Apart from its extensive Christmas market, for those ready to get amazed by the best Christmas lights in the world, Medellin is your place. In fact, the millions of lights used to light up the city are so unique and breathtaking that it has time and again found its mention in the National Geography’s Christmas recommendations. 

Celebrating Christmas 2022 in Europe

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Lubeck, Germany

If you are anywhere near, where else to celebrate Christmas than the “Christmas City of the North.” Undoubtedly, Lubeck has the best Christmas markets, some of which are Lubeck’s Christmas Market, the Historical Christmas Market and the Maritime Christmas Market, among others. 

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Strasbourg, France

If you want to pair up the Christmas celebration with an experience of age-old tradition, then the Christkindelsmärik Market in Strasbourg is the right choice. The market dates back to 1570, organised around the Place Broglie and the cathedral, which offers unique gifts, decorations and the best delicacies. 

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the place that constantly makes it to the list of the best Christmas destinations in the world, with the largest Christmas markets in the world! With its famous Christmas markets around the Rathaus City Hall and the Schönbrunn Palace, the imperial architecture of Vienna can also be witnessed in its full glory.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is literally the ‘city of festivities.’ The zeal and enthusiasm that you can feel amongst the people of Prague are just exemplary. So what is better than celebrating Christmas in the Old Town Square (Wenceslas Square or Republic Square) with a glass of mulled wine and the natives singing the Christmas jingles loudly?

London, England

How can one miss this city which has a century-old tradition of celebrating Christmas with full zeal? Apart from its buzzing shopping districts and witnessing the Oxford Street Christmas lights shimmering in the skies, you can check out the Southbank Centre Winter Market, the Covent Garden Christmas Market and the Winter Wonderland Christmas Market.

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Zurich, Switzerland

Here, you will be glad to visit one of the largest indoor Christmas markets in Europe at the Zurich Main Station. Moreover, Zurich offers a diverse experience through its oldest Christmas market in the Old Town and the urban market of Wienachtsdorf Christmas Village. 

Vatican, Italy

For someone wishing to have a sacred and rich cultural experience, Vatican City is the perfect place. Apart from the usual Christmas markets, being the centre of the Roman Catholic Church, the city boasts of the Christmas celebrations that happen at St. Peter’s Basilica, one of the holiest sites of Christianity. 

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Lapland, Finland

Another best destination in Europe is none other than the hometown of Santa Claus, Lapland. Being the centre of kids’ favourite Santa, frequently finding men in the typical red and white Santa attire is not at all surprising. So if you are planning on a family vacation, you can explore the central Christmas market, i.e., Rovaniemi Christmas Market, which beautifully creates a typical Christmas scene, just like the movies!

Celebrating Christmas 2022 in the Middle East

Bethelem, Palestine

Celebrating Christmas at the  birthplace of Jesus can actually be on your life’s bucket list. Not only is the place bright and lit up, but the Christmas emotions fill this sacred land of Christianity. Here, you can explore the Christmas markets of the Old City and Manger Square, along with getting a chance to be part of the mass Christmas prayer at St. Catherine’s Church.

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Dubai, UAE

Well, if you are visiting the ‘city of innovations’, you can very well expect an amazing and unique display of Christmas decorations. Some of the famous Christmas markets of Dubai are the Dubai Festival City Mall and the Christmas markets at the Madinat Jumeirah and Habtoor Palace. 

Beirut, Lebanon 

Being home to one of the largest Christian communities in the Middle East, Beirut becomes a city covered with beautiful decorations during Christmas. If you take a stroll Downtown, you will reach the Martyrs Square, which hosts musical performances, food and a united countdown to welcome Christmas! Other celebrations include the Beirut Souks Christmas Tree Lighting event and the Four Seasons Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.

Celebrating Christmas 2022 in Asia

Hong Kong, China

Undoubtedly, when talking about Christmas in Asia, Hong Kong tops the list. The city is already known for its shopping districts and party culture, so pairing it with Christmas enhances the experience tenfold! Some of the Christmas places to explore are the Christmas edition of the Bay Sunday Market, the Island Shangri-La Christmas Market and the lavish and luxurious- Murray Christmas Market. 

Sapporo, Japan

For an Asian who can't make it to Europe this year, Sapporo offers the best German Christmas experience at its German Christmas Market. Stalls selling Christmas items, hot wine, and German food are set up for about a month at Odori Park; truly a site you will enjoy!

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Seoul, South Korea

Another destination to get into the Christmas holiday spirit in Asia is Seoul, boasting its famous Christmas markets, the Dongdaemun Christmas Market and the Namdaemun Christmas Market. Also, if you want to witness the unique and extraordinary display of Christmas lights, you should check out the Garden of Morning Calm. 

Celebrating Christmas 2022 in Australia

Sydney, Australia

Take a break from the conventional way of celebrating Christmas and meet Santa on the beach during the Christmas celebration on Bondi Beach in Sydney, which will be an absolute delight. In the daytime, people bask in the sun on the beach and, by night, witness the Christmas lights and melodious Christmas music on the boardwalk. 

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Auckland, New Zealand

When in Auckland, the choices of Christmas markets are many. In fact, you can even go ‘Christmas crazy’ and jump from one market to another, starting from the Christmas Craft Harvest Market, Holiday Night Market and Italian Christmas Market to the beautiful Christmas Market headed by The Auckland Performing Arts Centre.

If you cannot find a nearby place for your Christmas celebration, don’t worry, we have something in store for you. We at tourHQ offer virtual tours, and you can click here to browse the many options available for you. So this Christmas, you can sit with some delicious dessert and wine along with your family and choose to look around the Christmas celebration in Lubeck or Ljubljana or Milan or even the city that is on everyone’s dream list, the city of Paris!